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How to Make Your Own Bottle Lights that are Cork-y and Bright

Bottle lights have become increasingly popular, and more businesses are offering kits and tools to create them yourself. Cork lights are fantastic not only because they can brighten up any occasion and make people smile, but also because they are extremely simple to make and can be done by anyone. Whether you hang them from the ceiling or scatter them around the room, these cork bottle lights will add light and life wherever you place them! Here’s how you do it.

Start by cleaning the bottles with water, dish soap and a green scrubber. This aids in the removal of any unwanted labels or dirt from the bottle’s surface. Gather the materials you’ll need for your project next. Having some spare cork on hand in case of mishaps or for making additional lights is a good idea. You will also need super led lights, silicone sealant, and a drill. Cut the strips of cork about 1 inch wide and 6 inches long. Apply the silicone sealant liberally on the bottom edge of each strip where it touches the bottleneck. Place the strip across the mouth of your bottle so that when you place it on top, it will be flush with both sides and not protruding past either side. Carefully secure the strip by pressing down on it. Drill four holes through the cork from the top side of the bottle into the liquid below. One hole should be directly across from another hole in order to provide enough room for your wiring and switch.

The goal is to make just enough space for the wire from the LED strip to fit into the opening without falling out. Make a hole big enough for the wire, then insert one end of the wire into it until there is about an inch of wire protruding from either side of the bottle. Then, using electrical tape, seal the opening tightly and ensure the wire is secure. Then, place another piece of electrical tape across the gap between the two protruding wires. Place a strip of electrical tape along the cork’s length, then lay your LED strip on top of the tape and secure it with additional tape. Finally, thread the unused end of the wire back through the bottle and tape it off. Viola: The beautiful lights you’ve made from cork bottles will look great in any setting.

A kit is the best option for novices because of its simplicity. Nonetheless, if you’re the creative type who can turn a wine bottle into a lampshade, you can choose from a wide variety of DIY options.

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